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The KINDer Collar

The 6-Pack of 2nd Generation Small (2.2mm) KINDer Collar Links

The 6-Pack of 2nd Generation Small (2.2mm) KINDer Collar Links

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This 6-Pack of 2nd Generation Small (2.2mm) KINDer Collar Links will help you customize the side of your KINDer Collar for your small to medium size dog. See our how-to guide on add or removing links on your KINDer Collar with ease!


100% Stainless Steel

Sizing Guide

Dogs between 12 pounds and 60 pounds with a neck size under 17 inches should choose the 2.2 (small) KINDer Collar.

Dogs under 60 pounds with a neck size over 17 inches should choose the 2.2 (small) with a 6-pack of 2.2mm links.

Dogs between 60 pounds and 80 pounds with a neck size over 17 inches:

Option 1 - 2.2mm KINDer Collar with a 6-pack of 2.2mm links. This option provides a strong collar with less bulk and weight when compared to the 3.0mm. This is our preference at KINDer Collar.

Option 2 - KINDer Collar 3.0mm. This provides a sturdier collar with larger links and heavier chain. Fits up to 21 inch necks.

Dogs over 80 pounds with neck size under 21 inches - choose the KINDer Collar 3.0mm.

Dogs over 80 pounds with neck size over 21 inches - choose the KINDer Collar 3.0mm with a 4-pack of 3.0mm links.


Care Instructions

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Customer Reviews

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The 6-Pack of 2nd Generation Small (2.2mm) KINDer Collar Links

Kelly Joy Argue
I was quick to judge...

When I first saw the collar and the name, I was triggered - I felt the traditional prong collar was being attacked and labeled "unkind". I also struggled with the links of the KINDERcollar always getting stuck on themselves.
With all that being said, my mind has changed. As a professional dog trainer that specializes in reactive and aggressive power breeds and rescue dogs, the prong collar is a key training tool quite often. Some dogs though are too sensitive either physically or emotionally to handle a traditional prong, and it was working with a younger bully with absolutely no leash manners but very very sensitive skin that I first tried out the KINDERcollar. It provided a similar sensation to the traditional prong without the prong edges to irritate her skin. It worked perfectly! I ended up buying a box of the collars and me and my trainers plan on using them more with dogs in our program.
I will say I still am frustrated by how the links get caught on each other whenever the collar is put down, which is the only reason I gave it 4/5 stars. I also still don't like that name either 😜

Diana Lunt

While I like much of the features of the Kinder collar, especially the ease of getting the collar off and on, I do have a couple call outs.
Though the contact point of the collar is smooth, the actual "ends" of each prong feels unfinished and rough.
When stored, if just dropped into equipment bag/bin, they tangle very easily and are a challenge to untangle due to its unique design.
For my doodle, his fur did curl into the links making it just a bit more time consuming to remove.
I still feel there is a market for these collars, and will use on my 2 young, flat coat pups, and store separately from my other training collars.

Scott Stevens
Great tool!

As a professional trainer, I’ve tried about every tool on the market. The KINDer Collar is one of my favorite tools. It’s likely the best training collar for the average pet dog. Definitely gives better communication, smooth action and pressure than a plastic or martingale style collar. Not as much pressure as a Herm Sprenger(which is too much for most pet dogs). For me, it’s the perfect balance of corrective pressure, communication, and ease of use for the average handler. Highly recommend to my clients!

Scott Stevens
Gelert K-9
Davenport, FL

J. Paul Jackson
Great Training Tool

The KINDer Collar is a great training tool that truly lives up to its name. As professional trainers my wife and I both love this product because it is much safer than traditional choke chains and pinch collars and even more effective. It definitely is a must have tool for every dog owner!