Humbled and honored don't even begin to describe how we feel reading these positive stories and dog collar reviews from professional dog trainers, dog kennel owners, and family dog owners from around the world. We believe strongly in the performance of the Training Collar, but these great reviews really confirm it. 

Please read through these reviews, watch this video, and reach out to us with any questions you have about how the Training Collar will work for your dog.

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Much easier to put on and take off and not so aggressive it causes neck irritation.

The 6-Pack of 2nd Generation Small (2.2mm) KINDer Collar Links

Small (2.2 mm) Training Collar Dog Training Collar for Small to Medium Dog Breeds

Great collar

I bought a Chinese version, which was nothing like this. I absolutely love the double ring connection with the built-in choke. It’s easy to put on and takeoff no clips needed which cost more Monet on other good brands. Once you have got the right size and nip in the teeth with a vice or pliers, the product is safer reliable and easy to use. I love it. I’ve also used an old Velcro cover I had for My Old prong collar.

Stops the Puppy Pulling

8 month old yellow lab immediately stops pulling when his new collar, love it!

I got this collar for my local animal shelter, we are using it for the first time and
hope to make a difference to the dogs we walk.

Not what I wanted and unable to get a response on returning

Great collar

A great alternative to the prong. Every dog has different needs for training and this collar provides an alternative to conventional choke / prong collars

I was quick to judge...

When I first saw the collar and the name, I was triggered - I felt the traditional prong collar was being attacked and labeled "unkind". I also struggled with the links of the KINDERcollar always getting stuck on themselves.
With all that being said, my mind has changed. As a professional dog trainer that specializes in reactive and aggressive power breeds and rescue dogs, the prong collar is a key training tool quite often. Some dogs though are too sensitive either physically or emotionally to handle a traditional prong, and it was working with a younger bully with absolutely no leash manners but very very sensitive skin that I first tried out the KINDERcollar. It provided a similar sensation to the traditional prong without the prong edges to irritate her skin. It worked perfectly! I ended up buying a box of the collars and me and my trainers plan on using them more with dogs in our program.
I will say I still am frustrated by how the links get caught on each other whenever the collar is put down, which is the only reason I gave it 4/5 stars. I also still don't like that name either 😜


When wearing collar the connection chain is to long. Makes it wear weird, loose. Yes I know how to use the collar

Gets tangled with everything

Works just like any other prong. My dog hates that it has to go over his head (his prior prong just latched around the neck). I hate that the curved prongs mean it gets stuck to everything. The leash, the safety, itself. It would be better if the prong curved around into a complete circle so it couldn’t get stuck to things.

Thank you for the feedback. The links are actually left open so that you can easily adjust the size, but once you get the right size, we do recommend you squeeze down the open parts of the links so that it does make a complete circle. Let us know if we could walk you through it.

The idea is good

I don't see myself using this very much, if it had the same chain and latch as my Herm Springer collar, I'd definitely use it. But the double rings and chains I find cumbersome to use, I'm also really not for the name, because a good quality prong isn't harsh or painful.

I bought this collar to use on a really thin haired coonhound, the build quality is good, it was shipped fast.

I'll buy a cheap prong with latching chain and switch the chain to the Kinder collar, then it'll be great to use.

KINDer Collar

Our German Shepherd Izzy is a farm pup who is responding well to her training with the KINDer collar and the paracord accessory allows consistent learning even when off leash. Great design and fantastic results!

Need to Return for Smaller Size

I followed the chart/ recommendations and went with the larger size since they are puppies thinking I could remove a few links and add them back as they grow.
Removing 6 links they're still too big.

Kimberly - sorry to hear they were too big. we just emailed you with a return label so we can get that exchange started!

Kinder collar

Best collar I have a German Sheppard with a mind of her own she all pulling @jumping don't mind at all but with these collar problem no more she minds me. Her name is Sheba


While I like much of the features of the Kinder collar, especially the ease of getting the collar off and on, I do have a couple call outs.
Though the contact point of the collar is smooth, the actual "ends" of each prong feels unfinished and rough.
When stored, if just dropped into equipment bag/bin, they tangle very easily and are a challenge to untangle due to its unique design.
For my doodle, his fur did curl into the links making it just a bit more time consuming to remove.
I still feel there is a market for these collars, and will use on my 2 young, flat coat pups, and store separately from my other training collars.

Good for sensitive necks

When I first got the collar I was not a fan.
First, the name to me infers that a prong collar is not kind.
Second, the links kept getting hooked into one another constantly when taken off or out down on a flat surface.
Now that being said, today I used it for the first time and it was perfect for the job I needed.
I have a little bully that was recently quite injured in her neck area so I have not been able to use a prong collar. She has never been walked on leash before, and she's like a 45 lb bowling ball zigzagging all over the place and under socialized so therefore
overstimulated. Her neck is almost healed, and I knew down the road I wanted to start her off on a prong but was worried that it would scratch off scabs or irritate her healing skin, so I tried the KINDERcollar.
As much as I hate to eat my words, it was perfect for the job. It provided the sensation needed to help control and communicate with her to create a structured walk and it did not irritate her neck. So I can say from experience that for dogs that have sensitive neck areas this could be a fantastic alternative to a standard prong.
Starting at five stars, I deducted one because again I do not like the name and deducted another star because I feel that the ergonomics of the collar make it constantly hook onto itself and it's extremely frustrating especially when you're in a hurry.

Hopeful in Texas

I really like the looks of the collar but haven’t been able to try it yet. The sizing video is very helpful.

Perfect for my reactive 10 month old pup

This collar was suggested by my trainer. Pup now reacts positively and quickly with the slightest correction and no negative behaviors. With regular prong he was jumping and pulling and throwing himself to the ground. 85lb 10 month old Bernese

Collar of the future?

I have only had the collar a short time. It seems to be comfortable and the dog is responding well.

Great Collars, Limited Adjustability

I really do love these collars. My dogs are on the sensitive side so traditional prong collars can be too much for them. After a week of use these are the perfect in between! My only issue is that both of my dogs are kind of in between sizes, removing a link makes them too tight but keeping a link they’re loose and slide around constantly. With regular prongs there are a handful of “hacks” you can use to further adjust the prongs but the way the kinder collar is design doesn’t allow these hacks to work. If they released some kind of half link it would be amazing!

It is what the name says!

It works great on dogs that are not trained and hard to handle!

Debra - Thank you for sending us this quick review and sharing your experience with the KINDer Collar!

FINALLY, a training collar that really works without hurt!

I have a young, deaf, pink skinned, long necked, half boxer dog with reactivity and deaf dog sensitivities. We tried everything from regular martingales to watch chain type pressure collars, vibration collar and even the regular sharp ended pinch collar. I had gone to a behaviorist that recommended a harness, (and a ton of guilt about the other collars), but the harness left me without control, (and a concussion when I was caught off balance and fell). My deaf dog needed something that would not incite her reactivity and translate the signals I was sending down her leash calmly and gently, yet hold her securely. The trachea spacer is perfect, the way the martingale portion stays at the back of her neck and operates is genius, and now she comes running to have her collar put on. No more pulling, lunging or biting at the leash. We are enjoying long loose leash walks together and she is back to her auto sit when I stop. The best part is that she is safe, and happy, and with the smallest movement of my wrist, I can get her to look at me for hand signals. Take the time to measure and fit it properly and take advantage of the assistance offered - it has been a game changer for us.

Ranch Mom - This review is just the best. Thank you for sharing this with us and anyone else looking at the KINDer Collar. This is exactly the type of response we designed the collar for and are thrilled you've found a solution for yours and your fur family's safety.

Great Product

Much better then the standard prong collar and has the same training benefits. I highly recommend it.

Phenomenal training tool

We have used pinch collars for years, when we saw this, we wanted to give it a try. The dogs give a great response, and we love it. This collar is the best we’ve found!