The Training Collar is a family-owned business headquartered in Waverly, Iowa. Our effective and kind dog training collar designs come from decades of professional dog training experience in the full-scale competition retriever environment with the success of over 20 field champions across the United States combined with our work helping dog kennels around the world provide effective training for the single dog owner looking for the best way to shape behaviors in a kinder manner with their family dogs.

KINDer Collar Founder Scott Dewey Professional Dog Trainer

Our founder, Scott Dewey, has spent the last two decades impacting the dog training world first with his competition training operation, Rock River Retrievers, and the non-profit service dog organization, Retrieving Freedom, which was featured on national news outlets as a one-of-a-kind mission to place highly trained and well-adjusted service dogs in the homes of veterans with disabilities and children with autism. Thanks to Scott, hundreds of dogs have found their calling in life-saving roles within homes across America. Today, Scott focuses his efforts on showing dog owners around the world a kinder way to train their family dogs with a collar that doesn’t fit into the prong collar category, but also doesn’t quite fit into the slip/martingale collar category. The Training collar is in a category of its own – the tender link training collar category. The most effective way to shape your dog’s behavior while also building trust and confidence in the relationship between you and your dog.

The Training Collar has been used for several years now at kennels across the world thanks to the connections Scott built in the dog training world over the past decade. This constant exposure to different dogs and different dog owners has allowed the designers at The Training Collar to continue to find ways to evolve the design and build better training tools to help you find success with your Training Collar. Through these daily kennel and training classes, you can rest assured this collar has been tested on hundreds of dog breeds and we are thrilled to say it has remained the top choice in every training opportunity.

We can’t wait for you to use The Training Collar to connect with your family dog in a kinder, positive, yet effective manner. As we’ve said before, our mission is loose leashes, happy dogs, and happy dog owners. Please reach out with any questions about our collar or how to positively train your dog.