Callie the KINDer Collar Lab Puppy Training

Puppy Training from 8-Weeks Old with Callie the Lab Puppy

Meet Callie. She is a yellow lab puppy from our creator, Scott Dewey's most recent litter of puppies out of NFC (National Field Champion) bloodlines.

Here is Scott starting Callie's puppy training with a quick session of click and treat for sit. See how Scott introduces this concept to Callie and follow along on Callie's puppy training.

Scott continues Callie's puppy training with sit association:

Now Callie is ready in her puppy training for sit duration:

 After sit duration, Scott introduces one of his favorite training tools with the Cato Place Board to start Callie on place:

This is all for now with Callie's puppy training. We hope you're able to apply these puppy trainings to your own dog training schedule. As always, please reach out with any questions!

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