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Product Guide: How to Use the KINDer Collar Dog Training Collar

Dog owners and dog trainers purchase the KINDer Collar for a balanced middle ground training tool that is designed to provide a communication with your dog at the precise moment in time that is needed. This collar has been designed with the knowledge gained from decades of experience working with thousands of dogs.

But the collar only works if the dog owner or trainer sizes the collar correctly. This Product Guide was created to help new users size the collar and get started on training using the KINDer Collar. 

The following design features were purposely integrated into the collar.

a clean image of the KINDer Collar Dog Training Collar Tender links
  • Tender link technology
    • Raising the links with a soft point of contact on the neck serves as the general foundation of the collar.
    • Using soft points of contact on the collar evenly distributes the collar pressure, maintains open airways to prevent any choking, and eliminates the ability of these points of contact to enhance the pressure with pain.
    • This pain free design requires the HANDLER to operate the tool when communicating with the dog as its pressure action is not designed as a self-inflicted deterrent. * See training/communication suggestions
    • Exchanging (adding/removing) links to properly size the collar to each specific dog is paramount for the collar to operate as a precision communication device.
  • Connecting Rings
    • The two connecting rings at the center of the collar when sized correctly remove any contact to the neck over the throat. This again leaves and open airway for the dog to breath through even with a tight leash.
  • Link Travel Direction
    • Using the small connecting rings at the collar’s center point over the throat also allows the links direction of travel to be in the same direction on both sides of the collar.
    • This direction of travel incorporates the Tender Link’s design to slightly roll into a softer point of contact as leash pressure increases, thus providing pressure without pain.
  • Ring to Leash connection
    • This collar attaches to the leash by hooking the two outside rings incorporated into the chain mechanism on the collar.
    • This connection simultaneously distributes an equal amount of pressure to both sides of collar when leash tension is added.
    • This connection also allows for a simple on/off of the collar by only removing the leash from one of the outside 2 rings on the chain mechanism.
    • To simplify this process one more step, we have added a blue KINDer Collar tag to one of the connection rings.
    • The center ring on the chain assembly is simply a dead ring that if connected to the leash with the two outside rings will stop the chain mechanism’s ability to operate.

Ok, Let’s get started with the instructions:

  1. You will need a solid leash that has an attached swivel hook to use this collar.
  2. Remove the collar from the box and find the round tag that has the QR code on it. 
  3. Remove all the tags and packaging materials from the collar.
  4. Attach your leash to the TWO OUTSIDE rings of the chain assembly.
    1. Sizing the collar without a leash attached will result in an improperly sized collar.
  5. Unhook ONE of the TenderLinks that attaches to the connecting piece on the chain assembly.
  6. In one hand hold the connecting piece on the chain assembly you just detached from and hold in your other hand the link you just detached.
  7. Now you are ready to size the collar around the neck.
    1. Position the collar in the top 1/3 of the neck, just below the ears. Holding the connecting piece of the chain assembly snug in position on the neck, use your other hand holding the sting of links to overlap the connecting piece.
    2. Holding with a snug fit, count the number of links that overlap the connecting piece. This is the number of links that need to be removed from the collar.
    3. Evenly remove the unneeded links from each side of the collar. This will keep the link connecting rings positioned in the center of the collar over the dog’s throat.
    4. Once the links have been removed reconnect the remaining links to the chain assembly.
  8. Now you are ready to place the collar on the dog.
    1. Unhook your leash from the outside ring that is attached to the blue KINDer Collar tag.
    2. Slip the collar over the head and reattach the leash to the outside ring with the attached tag.
  9. The sizing is now complete, and you should be ready for use.
    1. Double check the sizing to make sure that the collar is snug. Too tight or too loose will impair that action and communication with the collar.
    2. When sixed correctly the collar should stay in position on the neck while in use, not sliding down to the base of the neck, yet be loose enough to easily place a finger under a contact point.
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