Kat and Maisy Make a Breakthrough with the KINDer Collar

Kat and Maisy Make a Breakthrough with the KINDer Collar


KINDer Collar Ambassadors Kat and Maisy make a breakthrough in this story of #KINDerDogTales this year as they see a night and day difference with the help of the KINDer Collar and basic training techniques.

Maisy adores her family and loves exploring her neighborhood on walks to greet all the neighbor kids on their bikes. Unfortunately, her energetic puppy behavior makes walks difficult and can make visits from neighbors uncomfortable.

Thankfully, Maisy’s family found the KINDer Collar and Scott Dewey, the creator of the KINDer Collar and professional dog trainer. Scott was able to show Maisy’s family how the KINDer Collar will help them communicate with Maisy through effective dog training. Here is how her success story.

Maisy the dog in the kennel with her human brother.

Week 1 – Scott greeted Eric, Kat and Maisy at their home and found Maisy to find Maisy to be an energetic and happy dog with a longer coat. Many families struggle to get training collars to work with long haired dogs, but fortunately, the KINDer Collar works great with any length of dog hair. Scott worked with Kat and Maisy on how to use a clicker and treats to help Maisy recognize each time she shows good behavior. Scott then gave some homework to Maisy’s family in preparation for their visit to the kennel.

Week 3 – Maisy and Kate showed up at the kennel ready to work. Maisy was a little distracted by the other dogs at the kennel, but Scott gave them some techniques to work through those distractions by introducing the KINDer Collar. Scott worked specifically on how to train a dog to be attentive to their owner during a walk using gentle reminders from the KINDer Collar. He also worked on how to train a dog to wait for their owner to go through a door. Maisy learned very quickly with the use of the KINDer Collar.

Week 5 – After two weeks at home practicing walking, sitting, and staying with help from the KINDer Collar, clicker and treats, Maisy was making great progress. Scott popped over to Maisy’s family house to see how training was going and was pleased to see Maisy on her best behavior. He was even surprised to see how Kat and Maisy mastered staying.

Maisy the dog calmly waiting.

Our mission of happy dogs and loose leashes with the KINDer Collar is happening today with Maisy and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

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