Brandon and Jake Learn How to Communicate Through KINDer Dog Training

Brandon and Jake Learn How to Communicate Through KINDer Dog Training


KINDer Collar Ambassadors Brandon and Jake are the perfect #KINDerDogTales this year as they learn how to communicate through dog training with the KINDer Collar – at home, on walks, and at the kennel.

Jake loves his family and loves when visitors come to their house, but his behavior made it difficult to enjoy Jake’s love. In early 2022, Jake’s family brought him home as their first family dog to join two parents and three human siblings. Unfortunately, they weren’t quite prepared for the energy that a Labrador puppy would bring and how hard dog training could be as their puppy quickly turned to a 70-pound lab with a very strong will. After unsuccessfully trying numerous dog training techniques at home with an electronic collar, Jake’s family unsure they would ever be able to enjoy a calm dog walk or nice visit from guests where their dog would behave.

Labrador Jake is muddy from the yard

Finally, Jake’s family found the KINDer Collar dog training collar and had the opportunity to learn how to use the KINDer Collar from creator and professional dog trainer Scott Dewey. Here is how his training has progressed.

Week 1 – Scott Dewey met Jake and his family at their home where he could see Jake’s behavior first-hand. Jake pushed through his family to the door which no longer had a screen because of Jake. Jake ran out the door and wrapped Scott up in his leash. Inside their home, Jake showed his joy by jumping on his family and Scott. This is where Scott first introduced the use of a clicker. Scott was able to show Jake’s family how to start communicating good behavior to Jake at the point he was behaving and how to redirect Jake when he was misbehaving. After walking through a few of these basic dog training techniques, Scott gave Jake’s family some homework in preparation for their visit to the kennel in two weeks.

Week 3 – Jake and his family were excited to join Scott at his kennel in Waverly, Iowa to take the next step in their dog training journey. This is where Jake was introduced to the KINDer Collar. While Jake was surrounded by the new distractions of the kennel and other dogs in training, Scott was able to show Jake’s family some ways to keep Jake focused on their movement using the KINDer Collar. This training is also where Scott worked with Jake and his family on how to train good behavior when entering and exiting through a door.

Week 5 – Jake’s family continued to work with him using the KINDer Collar and dog training techniques they learned from Scott. At the end of week 5, Scott paid Jake’s family another visit to see their progress and was pleasantly surprised to see this energetic 1-year-old lab calmly walk beside his human brother Brandon as they walked in their neighborhood.

Brandon walking Labrador Jake with KINDer Collar training collar.

The KINDer Collar mission of happy dogs and loose leashes had finally come to fruition for Jake’s family and we could not be happier for them.

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